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Medicare vs Medicaid?

Although Medicare and Medicaid are both designed to serve those who can’t afford private health insurance, there are a few key differences between the programs. Medicare is health coverage for individuals age 65 and older and those with certain qualifying disabilities. Medicare benefits people within any income bracket. Medicaid, however, is health coverage specifically for low-income individuals, and is provided at low or no cost. Some people can qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, provided they meet the right requirements.

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Medical staff and home care staff are typically trained in spotting the signs of a stroke
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Stroke: Warning Signs, Treatment and Prevention

A stroke, also referred to as a “brain attack,” is an interruption of blood flow to the brain causing death to the immediate area’s brain cells. The longer blood supply is cut off from the brain, the more severe the damage becomes. Acting within one hour of a stroke can greatly improve chances of recovery.

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10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease has a gradual but profound impact on a person’s brain. It’s important to know that the scope of the disease is not limited to forgetfulness. It also affects mood, the ability to think critically, learn new information, and carry out simple, day-to-day activities. Know the ten warning signs of this fatal, progressive disease in order to be proactive about addressing its symptoms.

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