About Lamerson Landy Home Care

  • Founded in 1986

  • Steady Growth

  • Highly Reviewed

  • Professional Staff

Lindsey Lamerson saw a need in the community and chose to take action to improve the lives of those around her.

While working in the healthcare field, Lindsey was forced to choose between her career and caring for her aging family. Lindsey chose family.

Finding a deep sense of fulfillment, she began to expand her efforts to help others around her. Lamerson Landy Care was born. Lindsey personally selected and trained new employees to care for her clients in a loving, family approach that she believes everyone deserves. Through stellar service and word-of-mouth, Lamerson Landy Care continues to grow and expand.

Lamerson Landy Care was established in Atwater, CA and continues to expand to Merced, CA and surrounding areas in the California Central Valley.

Lindsey hopes to continue seeing the unique brand of Lamerson Landy Care service reach out to more and more people in the community.